Distance Education

Moore College has always been a leader in distance education. First it was the College's correspondence course notes posted to individuals and groups around the world. But continuing to lead often involves seeing opportunities others don't.

In more recent years, Moore College has recognised how technology, if properly utilised, can impact the lives of thousands of Christians around the world.

The College recently invested in technology, invested in opportunity and now has seen demand for courses grow and translated into 16 different languages which attract around 5,000 students from 50 countries every year.

Another exciting opportunity is now emerging for Moore College. As the Centre of activity for global Christianity has shifted south of the equator, the College's distance courses are well placed to provide much needed training in Latin America, Africa and Asia. The College is particularly well placed to lead theological education in the 'Asian century' with 15% of our Distance Education students coming from Asia.

The Being Moore Campaign will enable the College to extend access to the resources of the library and its online tools.