Ministry Training Precinct

As part of continuing to play a leading role in building the next generations of Christian leaders Moore College has established a unique ministry training precinct on campus.

The Being Moore Campaign will help Moore College bring together innovative people, programs and Christian organisations under one roof to deliver a Bible-based theological education to students which is more practical, relevant and comprehensive than ever.

Priscilla & Aquila Centre

Established in 2011, the Centre is the first of its kind anywhere in the world. The Priscilla & Aquila Centre serves as a resource for promoting and supporting the complementary ministries of men and women. This exciting initiative encourages women in various ministries and in pursuing postgraduate theological education. There is also particular focus on exploring how men and woman can work together in gospel ministry, including the nature of teaching at Moore College.

The Centre is quickly becoming an influential global voice about important issues in ministry and is frequently consulted by churches and other organisations in Australia and overseas.


The Being Moore Campaign will enable the Centre to provide additional resources and assistance to ministries throughout Sydney, across Australia and around the world.

Centre for Christian Living 

The Centre for Christian Living was also established in 2011.  The Centre focuses on engaging men and woman in the community who are keen to think more about Christianity and following Jesus faithfully in a complex world.

Engagement with the community revolves around an open invitation to the broader public to visit the Centre for Christian Living on the College campus. The initial response by the public to "open nights" has been incredible; with hundreds of men and women visiting the Centre to engage in discussion of a contemporary issue. The Centre has also focused its attention on the importance of a thoughtful Christian presence in 'the public square'. 

The Being Moore Campaign will provide more resources to Christian leaders while helping the Centre itself expand its reach even more successfully into the broader community.

Centre for Ministry Development

A Bible-based theological education to students also needs to be practical and relevant. In another exciting Australian first Moore College has established the Centre for Ministry Development. The Centre aims to help churches strengthen their ministries by providing increased support to those at the 'coalface'. The Centre offers a highly tailored individual ministry development program.

  • The program takes into consideration:
  • the skills a minister already has
  • the setting in which they minister, and;
  • what their needs are.

This approach enables us to focus on specific areas of personal development. Significant collaboration with pastors and churches and Diocesan organisations sees courses offering practical assistance to ministers in areas as diverse as financial management and human resources.

Centre for Ministry Development

The Being Moore Campaign will enable the work of the Centre to continue to focus on improving the impact of early ministry placements (our graduates) while providing training and coaching for those working in churches.

Youthworks College

Leading young people to Christianity is critical to growing the Christian faith. Youthworks College is the only theological college in Australia to offer specialised training which integrates theological study with the practical challenges of everyday ministry to children, families and young people.


The Being Moore Campaign will enable sufficient space for like-minded Christian organisations such as Youthworks College to consider co-locating at the campus. This will provide Youthworks College and Moore College opportunities to expand a recently created pathway between our Colleges which enables students to receive the best possible training for the ministry they choose.

Cornhill Sydney

Another emerging partner is Cornhill Sydney. The focus is to offer help to pastors by training their apprentices and other lay preachers, supplementing the support that is given in the sending church. Another area of focus is also to offer continuing encouragement to pastors directly. At the core, Cornhill Sydney is a part-time course designed to help ministry apprentices and others develop skills for biblical teaching and preaching. The course is also designed to help those who want to teach the Bible in youth and children's work or in ministry to women. Cornhill Sydney encourages those who are gifted and have a passion for full-time Bible teaching ministry to do further training in a Bible or theological college such as Moore. Currently Cornhill is providing, in collaboration with Moore College preaching training to students.

Cornhill Sydney

Ministry, Training & Development

The Ministry Training & Development initiative involves strategies which seek to 'multiply the number of well-trained persons' in order to enable parish churches to expand, equip and nurture their members' and in the process help reform the life of the Diocese. It partners with parishes and regions in the reformation and strengthening of ministry culture. In conjunction with Moore College, the Director and staff focus on a range of policies and strategies involving the whole process of gospel growth.

Evangelism & New Churches

This recent initiative focuses on developing evangelism and planting new churches in the multicultural, multigenerational and multi-religious region of Sydney. The team at Evangelism and New Churches will support recruiting and coaching evangelists and church planters though out the Sydney metropolitan area. 

Co-located at Moore College this initiative involves students who are looking to serve in preaching evangelistically as well participating in church planting though out the Anglican Diocese of Sydney.

.New Churches