New Library & Research Centre

Nobody graduates from the library, but nobody graduates without a library

Libraries are the heart of any academic institution and Moore College is no different. The new library will continue to be the heart of College. It will be a place where the social, intellectual and fellowship meet; a place for everyone. And a place for intentional learning.

The College's collection of over 240,000 items; one of the largest collections of its kind in the world, will be, in part, placed offsite. Moore College like universities is facing a critical lack of space for storage and preservation of titles within our collection. Access to these materials will be by daily request.

The new library will have the capacity to hold 90,000 titles (currently it is just 55,000) but will also embrace an increasingly digital world. Students will have access to over 30,000 eBooks and a library which will house a Digital repository, of over 5,500 items and can accommodate a growing collection.

The purpose built space will not only increase but showcase the latest in innovative design. Dark spaces will give way to natural light, small uninviting study areas will be replaced by larger and versatile spaces which can accommodate more students. 

To facilitate student demand for space to do group work, we will create "information commons". These will be dedicated areas within the library where students can access technology, reference materials including multi-media and audio-visual equipment and be supported by staff.

In addition the new library will;

  • Increase the number of desks for students to study 
  • Comply with building regulations 
  • Enable PhD students to use the library for research by providing larger spaces to spread out larger materials
  • Have more power points so students can ultise their own technology in a convenient location
  • Offer additional computer terminals and introduce LCD screens to improve access to digital collection.