Our Leaders

Dr Mark ThompsonDr Mark Thompson

In a world where the gospel of Jesus Christ is under considerable challenge, men and women preparing to share that gospel require the most thorough and effective theological education available. Moore College has been providing just such an education since 1856.

The Being Moore Campaign will, with your help, enable the College to take hold of the opportunities which lie before it, preparing men and women to go into the world with the message of a saviour who brings life and peace and hope – transformed lives being used to transform others!

Rev. Dr Mark Thompson
Principal, Moore Theological College (2013-present)

Dr John WoodhouseDr John Woodhouse

For over 150 years Moore College has had as its first responsibility to equip ministers and other church workers for the Anglican Diocese of Sydney, a fellowship of churches to which the College belongs. Like the Diocese however, the College has the opportunity to serve the gospel of our Lord Jesus throughout Australia, across the region and around the world. The Being Moore Campaign is in response to the immediate needs of the College but also the emerging new patterns of evangelism, church and ministry.

The Being Moore Campaign is a unique opportunity for you to help the College. Your gift to the Being Moore Campaign will help Moore College remain faithful where we must not change but exercise courage, creativity and leadership where we must adapt.

Please give generously to the Being Moore Campaign.

Canon Dr John Woodhouse
Principal, Moore Theological College (2002-2013)

Dr Peter JensenDr Peter Jensen

Supporting the Being Moore Campaign enables you to be a partner in the core work of the gospel. The campaign will have a profound and immediate impact on the College's ability to equip men and women for biblical ministry. I trust you will be strengthened in your commitment to the Being Moore Campaign. The campaign will enable Moore College to support men and women to model the Christian life in community, a most effective way to grow, teach and live in the knowledge of the word of God.

Thank you for your support.

Dr Peter Jensen
Principal, Moore Theological College (1985-2001)
Archbishop of Sydney (2001-2013)

"The Christian church is nothing other than a fellowship in God, and this fellowship is deepened and maintained by the teaching of the Word of God...Without this teaching there can be no fellowship." -- D.B. Knox - Principal, Moore Theological College 1959-1985